Concrete can be cast to just about any shape imaginable.

Moulds can be made using materials as diverse as glass, fabrics, rough or smooth timber, rubber, wax, plaster or GRP. By mixing the latest CNC technology with traditional techniques a huge variety of results can be achieved.


We have a range of standard colours or can match to any sample or colour system. (RAL, NCS etc…)

Surface Finish

Concrete is strong, durable and waterproof so it is an excellent choice for interior or exterior projects. Concrete is solid and self coloured so it won't chip off and expose a substrate like plaster. Texture is controlled by the fineness of the mix, by the mould making technique used or by surface treatment.


Mid, high and low sheen is available and is incredibly robust.

Timber shuttering…

We produce a large variety of different wood grains, from finely sanded birch ply to deep cut construction timber.

Text, graphics and images…

We have developed various options for effective embossing and debossing of text and graphics to a surface.

We also use a simple etching technique to create permanent text, removing the surface to give the effect. The text may be coloured.

Multi-Colour Surfaces…

We have a specialised technique to cast in and combine many colours.

Cast Pattern / Concrete Wallpaper…

We have low cost, mould making technique for casting in low-relief pattern to any artwork.

Our many techniques allow us to produce both repeat patterns, or one off images.

The designs and textures of each panel we cast are integral to their structure. They will not deteriorate.

We are constantly experimenting with new ideas and techniques for surface treatments. We always relish a challenge to push us in new directions.


Glass reinforced concrete can be made as thin as 8mm. This means that huge reductions in material can be gained. For example as a cladding material GRC is significantly less energy intensive than aluminium or HPL. As a wall finish it has lower embodied energy than plasterboard.

If you require more technical information Please give us a call…